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Jumbo Tent Air Cooler - TK12GB

  • ₹21,240.00
  • Ex Tax:₹18,000.00
  • Product Code: TK12GB - Tent Cooler
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Tags: Jumbo Tent Air Cooler, Tent Air Cooler, Jumbo Tent Air Cooler

´We offer the complete range of Commercial Tent Air Coolers. Coolers are available to cover an area from 700 Sq. Ft. to 2500 Sq. Ft. These coolers are commonly used in public places like airport, bus station, shopping mall, showroom, warehouse, Outdoor tea/coffee house, school, super market, canteen, hospital & inside Tents. It also uses in Hot industries, poultry farms, horse farms, Textile & refinery & underground parking. Some of important features of our cooler are as follow:
´Jumbo air cooler suitable for commercials, tents, hotels, marriage halls, banquettes, resorts.
´Built Material: 30 Inch Plastic Bead-based nylon fan with very good fan alignment.
´Body is Fiber reinforced plastic with high impact resistance for loading, unloading & transporting.
´3 Speed motor suitable for commercial application
´Power consumption of air cooler 0.5 units/hr so lesser operation cost with 0.67 HP motor.
´Strong wheels so as it can be easily moved or transported.
´High air delivery of 10500 CFM / Area cover approx 2500 sq.ft.
´High strength motor arms so higher stability.
´Good quality Honeycomb cooling Large pads of 7090 with 7mm flute.

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