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Exciting Features of an Air Cooler You Should Know About ...

Exciting Features of an Air Cooler You Should Know About ...

With the temperatures soaring to new highs and crossing beyond 40 degrees across the country, it is time to get an air cooler to maintain the indoor temperatures at comfortable levels. If you still think that air coolers are stuck in a time-warp, think again! Air coolers, much like an AC, come with smart features that are capable of providing superior cooling and rewarding user experience. 

Air coolers come at various sizes and prices and greatly vary in terms of features. Before you explore these in detail, plan your purchase smartly. Now read on to explore the smart features of an air cooler that you must know of. 


Just like an AC, an air cooler comes in different sizes to suit your convenience. Desert coolers are placed outside the room at the window and are generally large in size. These coolers store a large amount of water and throw the processed cold air at high speed. In fact, a desert air cooler placed in a correct location in the house can significantly reduce the temperature of the entire house. On the other end of the spectrum, smaller size room coolers now come with caster wheels making them easy to move and place in the house or office for effective cooling. 

Turbo cooling with Ice

An air cooler cools the outside air by making it pass through a wet pad. By allowing melting ice to drip on the wet pads the air passing through is cooled faster, which gives you efficient cooling in less time than you may have been used to in air coolers of old. 

Fan speed

In modern air coolers, you can select the speed of the internal fan, thereby controlling the throw of the air. In extreme heat conditions, you can turn the fan speed at its fastest to allow the room to cool down quicker. However, later in the night, you may want to reduce the throw of the air as the room would have cooled down considerably by then. This allows you to customize cooling as per your needs. What’s more, some air coolers also come with an intelligent sensor that automatically changes the fan speed as per the cooling in the room. 

Even cooling

Smart air coolers now have pre-programmed moving louvers, which can direct the air around the room. This helps the entire room to get cool air uniformly rather than focus the cooling in one area with the rest of the room being warm. Some coolers even allow the movement of the louvers to be controlled by remote control, giving you more control over the direction of the airflow. 


In the recent past, the design of the coolers has changed to keep pace with evolving requirements. The designs have transformed to give way to sleeker models and air coolers today come in a range of colours and designs that beautifully blend in and compliment the décor of your room.


With advancements in technology, the materials used in the air cooler has also undergone a change. Long gone are the days of rusting and leaking coolers. Today’s coolers are made of thermoplastic, a synthetic resin which becomes plastic on heating and hardens on cooling. Such materials used inside an air cooler protect the device from traditional problems such as rusting and water damage over time, which increases durability. Apart from this, modern air coolers also come equipped with Wi-fi so you can control them from your smartphone. The Cool.

Inverter option

Air coolers now come with technology that enables them to be connected to an inverter. This is a boon as power outages are frequent in the summer months. This advancement allows you to keep cool and get your rest without any hassles.