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Kapsun Evaporative air coolers are one of the best brands when it comes to evaporative air cooling in the market

The Reason for such High cooling efficiency, Robustness and Usability is the 1st-grade Quality The component that we use in the Air Cooler.

1.    Body -It is Heavy Duty Body made up UV-Resistant PP material It is also lightweight for easy movement. It has High Impact resistance also makes it a fit as an Industrial Air Cooler.

2.    Motor – This is 3 speed Copper Winding Motor which is used. This Motor is also equipped with a Thermal Overheat protector. So it will prevent from winding getting burnt. This Motor is capable even to run throughout long operation without any problems.

3.    Axial Fan –The Axial Aluminium fan blades in an evaporative cooler its Aerodynamics is made in such a way that it gives maximum Air Flow with Minimum Impact on Itself.

4.    Pump – Submersible lifts the water from the tank to the top of the evaporative media. We use a very high flow LPM (liter per minute)type of pump so as we get maximum result maximum water flow.

5.    Tank - All Kapsun portable evaporative coolers come with a built-in tank to hold water; depending on which model u choose, tank size ranges from 90 liters to 120 liters.

6.    Honeycomb Cooling Pad– Overall Cooling Efficiency of the Kapsun Antarctica Air Cooler is Completely Dependent on the Honeycomb Cooling The pad at the back of your Kapsun Industrial cooler.

7.    Wheels –Bottom most part but very important for ease of use of Kapsun Antarctica Air Cooler, In total it has 4 wheels out of which 2 at the front are lockable which can be easily dismantled as well. Time and Again if the Position of the Workers or the Machinery is changed we can move the Cooler conveniently.

8.    Water level sensor– At low water levels, this Sensor switches off the Pump automatically thus Protecting the pump from getting burnt out.

9.    Water Distribution Channel – We have a unique design of the water distributive channel this channel easily distributes the water throughout the cooling pad. Due to this proper Distribution of water makes the Cooling Efficiency of this Industrial Air Cooler very High.

10.  Control Knob – There is a separate knob for the smooth functioning of the Kapsun Air Cooler . 1 Knob is for Fan Speed Control and Another Knob is for Water On-Off.