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10 things to know before buying solar air cooler

10 things to know before buying solar air cooler

Two air coolers that have good reviews and offer many of the smart features Tower Air Cooler

This air cooler has a 35-liter water tank capacity.

The body of this model is made with corrosion-free plastic. It also houses an efficient motor that is capable of powerful air delivery. 

The honeycomb design cooling pads help to provide the best cooling.

In addition, the ice chamber on this device is a boon and it assures rapid cooling. 

The above air cooler also comes with an option of a smaller 13-liter water tank making it more convenient to move around in your home or office. 

Touch 20 Litre Personal Air Cooler

 Touch air cooler boasts of i-Pure technology that provides multistage air purification, which comprises a 5-stage air purification process including removing dust, smell, allergy, bacteria, and wash. 

The ice water inlet in the Touch 20 allows the iced water to settle in for maximum cooling. 

With the in-built 20-liter water tank capacity, you are sure to get long and uninterrupted hours of cooling! Further, the water tank is detachable allowing for easy cleaning of the tank and enables easy refilling. 

The louvers on Touch 20 can be completely shut to ensure no dust or unwanted elements can enter the cooler. This also helps with the aesthetic look of the cooler.   

This cooler is set on 4 caster wheels, which enable easy movement.

Armed with the knowledge of smart air coolers and their standout features across brands, you can now find the one that is ideal for your use. From small room air coolers to larger units that can cool the entire floor or even the house, be sure to pick an air cooler with smart features.