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      How Do I Place An Order?

      It's Quite Simple. In The Home Page, Just Select The Variety Of Graded Mangoes You Want To Buy/Gift And Follow Filling Of Order Form. Enter Your Details, The Receiver's Details And Chooses The Payment Option To Successfully Complete The Ordering Process.

      What About Mangobazaar Return Policy?

      Fruits Like Mango (Hapoos) Are Perishable Items, But We Have A Returned Policy To Customers In Following Cases. Dead On Arrival Order Error

      Can I Cancel An Order After It Is Submitted?

      No, You Can't Cancel An Order Once The Payment Process Is Complete.

      How Do We Deliver The Mangoes?

      Our Logistics Partner Is Entrusted With The Job Of Delivering The Boxes Of Alphonso Mangoes Across Pune And Mumbai. Since We Have A Past Working Relationship With Them, They Are Well Versed To Cater To Our Special Needs Of Door Delivering A Perishable Fruit Like Alphonso Mango.

      Do You Charge Extra For Shipping?

      No. But It Is FREE To Home Delivery Only For Pune City & PCMC. The Price Mentioned On The Home Page Of Mangobazaar.In Is An All-Inclusive Price. No Hidden Costs.

      What In Case, My Order Is Not Delivered?

      In The Unlikely Event Of A Shortcoming From Our Side, Your Mango Box Remains Undelivered, You Have The Box Delivered To An Alternative Address. You Can Also Carry Forward The Order To The Next Year At The Same Price, Irrespective Of The Price Hikes In The Future.

      What If The Receiver Refuses To Accept The Delivery?

      In Very Rare Cases, We Find People Reluctant To Accept The Box As A Gift As A Matter Of Their Personal Policy. We, Therefore, Have No Other Option But To Destroy The Box At The Destination. We Don't Call Back The Box, As It Serves No Purpose. In All Such Cases, You Will Be Kept Informed About The Delivery Attempt But No Refunds Will Be Given.

      What If The Receiver Is Away For A While?

      In Case The Address Of Delivery Is Locked On The First Attempt, Our Couriers Leave A Message Behind To Call Back And Also Make A Second Attempt Within The Next Two Days. They Also Try And Call Up The Receiving Party To Know The Suitable Time For Delivery. If All Attempts Fail, We Instruct Them To Destroy The Box. In Such Cases, We Furnish You With The Proofs Of Attempts Made But No Refunds Will Be Given. Please Note That The Delivery Of The Mango Boxes Will Not Be Attempted On Sundays Or On Any Public Holidays Due To Unavailability Of Courier Service.

      When And How Much Discount I Can Get?

      After Confirming The First Order You Need To Share With Your Friends On Social Networks Through The Given Link And Get 2% Off  Mangobazaar Shopping Coupon And You Can Use It While Next Purchase.   

      Offers For Corporate Clients -   
      i) If More Than 100 Boxes Then We Offer Discounted Rates And You Can Add Your Brochure, Leaflet, Wish Cards Or Greeting Cards Along With Extra         Decorations On Our Box.
       ii) If You Order More Than 50 Boxes Then Also We Offer Discounted Rates.   

      iii) We Offer An Attractive Discount On Bulk Orders Placed By A Single Client, Even Though Dispatched Discretely.